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Staying in a hotel of the Logis group, is like being at home

The place the most sure in the world, it's at our place but it's also at your place.
At Logis Hôtels, we welcome you to our homes.

Because the health and well-being of our guests and our team are the only priorities, we have adapted our way of working. 
You too, because we are all responsible, contribute to a sure and comfortable stay by respecting barrier gestures and specific measures to our hotel.



Our Referent Covid-19 has adapted the directives from the Authorities at our hotel ;
he controls rigorously lits application and make them evolve to always welcome you in better conditions,

Our team is formed and applies rigorously the reinforced procedures and thel barrier gestures ; they have to wear a mask and gloves,

We put on display sanitaires instructions where they are useful,

We have organized distancing by groundmarks, a sense of circulation, etc., without bothering the comfort of your stay,

Our sanitary protocols are reinforced, in particularly on the points with frequently contact like doorknobs, light switches, lift buttons, etc.,

We use products to clean that are useful against the Covid-19 and they are eco-labelled as much as possible,

We recommend to reserver directly to pay at distance, receive your bill by email and benefit from avantages of our fidelity program ETIK,

Your room and bathroom are rigorously cleaned and sanitized.
Our laundry are washed on high temperature that is recommended by the Authorities. Our products and extra pillows are available by the reception on demand,

Your breakfast and your meals are adapted and served protected,
for example wrapped in film, under a serving bell, in room or on terrass (if possible].
Our  Room Service carte is available by email or on our website

The best proof of our engagement : we take care of you and of your environment all day long, before you and in total transparency.